New Certified Evaluation

Last year the 1338 Committee reviewed the Certified Evaluation. The 1338 Committee revised the state evaluation and developed the new evaluation tool called the St. Vrain Rubric to align with Tier 1 instruction. Also, the St. Vrain rubric has the professional goals as a focal point in the evaluation.

The only groups that will continue to use the RANDA tool are SSPs, Counselors and Principals.   

What changes have been made to the Certified Evaluation?

  • There are no longer scores for each element only one score for each standard.
  • The elements are suited to meet the expectations of St. Vrain and the focus of the district.
  • The standards are scored as follows:

–     Highly Effective:  Exceeds expectations on ALL elements.

–     Effective:  Meets expectations on ALL elements or meets all but one element and is making progress towards the one element.

–     Partially Effective:  Meets expectations on some elements with progress towards meeting expectations on all elements. 

–     Ineffective:  Meets expectations on none/some of the elements and is lacking the quality or quantity of progress expected.

Alternative Options

Certified staff that are Probationary or Non-probationary with an overall rating of Effective or Highly Effective will have the option to be evaluated using one of the alternative options. Alternative Options will be available to second and third year probationary and non-probationary licensed staff with evaluator approval.  At the beginning of the year a licensed staff may request to be evaluated on the full rubric, but the evaluator will have the final say as to which evaluation tool to use. Certified Staff can only be evaluated using the Alternative Options for two years, on the third year the Certified Staff member will need to be evaluated using the St. Vrain Rubric.

How do I log into the evaluation?