New APT Evaluation

Last year the APT Meet and Confer Committee reviewed the APT Evaluation. The committee recommended rubric changes that aligned more closely with all employee groups.  Further discussion led to the committee developing a new evaluation tool that would be accessible through the internet and not Citrix.

What changes have been made to the APT Evaluation?

  • No longer will a numeric score be tied to the evaluation
  • Rubric has been revised
  • Final rating will be:  Exceeds Expectation, Meets Expectation and Does Not Meet Expectations.
  • Process: APT Employees will need to submit a professional growth plan and self-assessment in a hard copy to their evaluator by November 1st.  November 1st-November 31st the evaluator will schedule a meeting to discuss any questions or discrepancies regarding the professional growth plan and self-assessment. The final evaluation meeting must be completed by the end of the employees work calendar. For more information visit the Human Resources Website (

How do I log into the evaluation?