Lateral Move Information - Certified Staff

Horizontal increments on the Teacher’s Salary Schedule will be implemented again on January 1. To qualify for such an increment the credits must have been completed by January 1 and official transcripts submitted to the District no later than February 15.

The pay increases will be retroactive to the beginning of the contract year and to the beginning of the new calendar year respectively. The amount of retroactive pay that begins for the new calendar year will be prorated according to the number of days that remain from the beginning of the new calendar year to the last duty day of the contract year. Please review Article 32 as to what will be counted towards credit for a lateral move.  Please remember that official transcripts are needed for lateral moves.  E-scripts can be sent to Josie Vigil at Teachers who receive credit for a lateral will be notified via email of their new    placement on the salary schedule. Click here for the lateral form. The lateral form will need to be completed.

Please make sure that you have checked with your HR director on any classes that you have taken outside of college credit or SVVSD staff development to determine whether they would be considered for credit.

HR administrators will process lateral requests up until the February deadline.  You will receive an email once your request is reviewed.


Additional important information for Licensed staff who are maxed out in their column and seeking to apply for a lateral move.