CNIC Health Plan Changes

As previously announced, CNIC Health Solutions (the district’s Third Party Administrator) was recently acquired by United Healthcare.  We have a few updates for those of you who are insured on the district’s self-funded CNIC health plan:
What’s Changing on September 1?
As of September 1, 2017 the following changes will occur:

  • CNIC Health Solutions will change their name to UMR. The CNIC address and phone number will remain the same, however when you call the number as of September 1, staff will identify the business as UMR.  As part of the name change, a new website will launch at:  You will need to register on the website on or around September 1.  (The CNIC website will remain active for approximately 12 months so you can access historical claims information.)  Additional details will be provided as we get closer to the transition date.
  • New ID cards will be issued for those of you covered on the district’s self-funded health plan option (the cards will be sent to home addresses approximately August 15). As part of the change, you will have a new group and member ID number so be sure to begin using the new ID card for services received on September 1 or later.  Until then, continue to use your current CNIC ID card.
  • Claims processed after September 1 will be processed on the UMR claims platform rather than the CNIC claims system. The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) you receive will look different. Attached is a sample EOB for your reference.

What’s Not Changing on September 1?

The process for getting reimbursed through the district-funded HRA will not change as a result of the change to UMR. Once processed, any claim that is eligible for reimbursement through the HRA will be sent directly to UMR for processing.  If you have funds available in your HRA, UMR will send a check to your home address for the portion of the claim that was applied to your health plan deductible.

NPS will continue to administer the district’s prescription drug benefits and Healthcare Bluebook will remain in place. For now, the district’s health plan will continue to utilize the Rocky Mountain Health Plan PPO network as our designated PPO.  On January 1, 2018, the PPO network will change to the United Healthcare Choice Plus network.  Additional details to follow as part of this fall’s Open Enrollment.